Electronic News Gathering Helicopter Pilot Careers

We've all seen footage from a news helicopter. Whether it's covering a police pursuit, the traffic, or giving an aerial shot of some grand event, the "eye in the sky" is here to stay.

Using helicoppters to gather news is formaly known as Electronic News Gathering or ENG for short. ENG helicopters pilots give news organizations a rapid response to quick developing stories. The news is intensely competitive and being the first to reach a scene and get a story means the world to producers.

ENG helicopter pilots will typically need 1500 hrs of helicopter time and sometimes experience in the type of helicopter aircraft you'll be flying.

Some ENG pilots are also reporters while others only fly the aircraft and carry a reporter. About the only thing typical in an ENG pilot's day is the coverage of the morning and evening rush traffic. The rest of the day is filled with racing to developing news events, getting aerial shots and shuttling reporters from one place to another.

Pay for an ENG pilot typically starts at around $35,000 and maxes out at around $55,000. If you’re also the reporter you can earn as much as $100,000 a year.



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