Helicopter Pilot Careers In Charter/Tours

Helicopter pilots who fly charters can be thought of as on demand air taxis. Usually a helicopter charter trip is short (from an airport to a downtown or company location) but there are charter trips that are several hundred miles long.

One of the advantages of using a helicopter over an airplane for cater flying is that a helicopter can land in tight, confined areas. Some mountain resorts use helicopters to transport guests because of this.

Charter helicopter pilots must be very flexible. A charter trip might be planned months in advance but at other times there might be little advanced warning.

There are charter pilots in every state of the union and though their main function might be transporting people and equipment they performs other functions as well.

Helicopter tour pilots, on the other hand, know where they'll be flying and pretty much when they'll be flying. Helicopter tour pilots fly in some of the most beautiful places in the United States. Most are major vacation destinations such as Las Vegas, Orlando, New York, Hawaii etc. but some will be a bit off the beaten path.

Helicopter tours allow visitors to get a bird's eye view of an area which is a perspective that most people never see. In some places, like in Hawaii you might get a close up view of a waterfall or volcano. In others you might get a ride to the top of a glacier.

One of the benefits of both charter and tour helicopter flying is that you will spend most nights at home.

Most charter/tour helicopter operators want to see at least 1000 hrs of helicopter time before they’re consider hiring you. You also need to be personable because human interaction is a meaningful part of the job.

Charter/tour pilots start out at about $35,000 and max out at about $60,000.

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